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Welcome to POPnation, your ultimate destination for all things K-pop! We are a Canberra based team of dedicated K-pop enthusiasts who share a passion for the music and the artists. Our goal is to provide K-pop fans in Australia with a one-stop-shop for purchasing the latest albums, merchandise, and accessories to decorate your favourite albums and photo cards.

At POPnation, we understand the excitement and thrill that comes with being a K-pop fan. From the catchy music and stunning performances to the stylish fashion and unique personalities, K-pop has something for everyone. That's why we're committed to bringing you the best selection of K-pop albums and merchandise from all of your favourite artists.

Our team is constantly working to source the latest releases and most popular merchandise from Korea and beyond. We only work with trusted suppliers and distributors to ensure that every product we offer is authentic and of the highest quality. We also pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and fast shipping, so you can get your hands on your favourite K-pop items as soon as possible.

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Top pick group: TXT, Bigbang
Top pick artist: Soobin (TXT), G-dragon (Bigbang)
Favourite album: The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE
Favourite song: 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)
About Max: Max has wild knowledge about K-pop and K-drama. Quiz her up with K-pop knowledge, no guarantee she can answer tho.

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kpop expert


Top pick group: NCT-dream
Top pick artist: Chenle (NCT-dream)
Favourite album: We go up
Favourite song: Dear dream
About Erica: Even though Erica has her favourite group, she still love to check all the other group. You can always recommend her your favourite artist.

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kpop expert


Top pick group: NCT, Super Junior
Top pick artist: Jaemin (NCT-dream)
Favourite album: Hello future
Favourite song: Broken Melodies
About Lorraine: Lorraine has a insane collection of albums and photo cards. Ask her if you not sure how to storage your wired shape photo cards.

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kpop fans


Top pick group: StrayKids
Top pick artist: Lee Know (StrayKids)
Favourite album: Noeasy
Favourite song: Backdoor
What people should know: Monica's K-pop journey just stared with Stray Kids concert. And she is slowly building up her knowledge about the K-pop culture. She is also the artist that designed our logo.

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Kpop newbie


Top pick group: not yet defined
Top pick artist: Yibo (C-pop idol)
Favourite album: open to recommendation
Favourite song: EOEO (UNIQ)
About Cynthia: Cynthia is not a K-pop fan, YET. We dragged her into this and she is slowly get to know all the artistes. So please be kind to her. However, if you have any question about Chinese idol, she might be able to answer you.

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